The River Project's Archival Library

The Library is a collection of old and new materials from numerous sources, on marine science of the region, estuarine ecology, and the environment of New York State's waterways. The collection contains thousands photographs, images, illustrations, documents, letters, and raw data on the wildlife of New York Harbor and its habitats. The reference book section of the library contains old and new material on science and regional marine and estuarine ecology, as well as many other scientific topics. The library chronicles Hudson Estuary ecosystem dynamics and de-industrialization of the waterfronts of New York Harbor. 

The River Project's Library is open to the public by appointment, as there is limited space. Guests are welcome Monday through Friday, 10am to 5pm. If you're interested in coming to use The River Project's library resources, please e-mail Siddhartha Hayes at or call The River Project's office at (212)233-3030. 

Please view the MARC records and finding aids in this PDF. They may help you decide if we have what you're looking for.