Summer Science Event series:

New York City residents and visitors can learn about the habitats and living resources of New York Harbor and have fun on the downtown waterfront at our annual series of free Summer Science Events. The events introduce people to nature and science in the Hudson River estuary, foster stewardship, and encourage conservation. The focus is on wildlife in the city's waterways, including its fishes, invertebrates, birds and plants, and the ecosystem that supports them and us. This free event series consists of two large events entitled Meet the Fishes and Release of the Fishes, and a series of smaller “open house” events called Wetlab Look-Ins that take place at the Wetlab on Pier 40 in Hudson River Park.

Meet the Fishes and Release of the Fishes


Meet the Fishes and Release of the Fishes are free events that invite visitors of all ages to experience the animals of The Hudson River up-close. Meet is TRP’s kickoff event for the Wetlab open season. Staff and volunteers provide tours of the aquarium to show visitors the vibrant marine ecosystem found in NYC. Release of the Fishes marks the closing of the lab for the year. Visitors can choose a fish from the aquarium and accompany it as it is released into the river by staff. At both events, food and drinks from local establishments are provided and donated prizes are raffled. There are also activities for all ages, including ecology-themed games and crafts, a touch tank with crabs, snails and other native invertebrates, and a microscopy station manned by volunteers from the American Museum of Natural History.

This year Release of the Fishes is on Thursday, November 7th. Visit the Eventbrite page here to RSVP.

Wetlab Look-ins


Wetlab Look-ins are free public education programs held twice weekly April through November at the Wetlab on Pier 40 in Hudson River Park (Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-5 p.m.). During Look-ins, visitors are given tours of the Wetlab aquarium, a dynamic exhibit that changes as TRP catches and releases animals based on current populations in the Hudson River Estuary. Each Look-in includes an interactive ecology workshop hosted by staff, interns, or guest scientists on topics such as fish migration or underwater habitat. Many workshops feature related craft activities for youth. Look-ins also provide opportunities for visitors to learn about current research and restoration going on in New York Harbor. Please check the calendar on the left panel for specific dates as they're announced!


Event press coverage:

The New York Times calls The River Project’s June 4th event, Meet the Fishes, one of the top nine things to do in N.Y.C. with your children. Read the article below to learn why!